News / 19 April, 2017
Donations of food at Te Puea marae, 2016 Donations of food at Te Puea marae, 2016 Qiane Matata-Sipu

Marae considers homeless strategy

A south Auckland marae is considering what it may do this winter to respond to the city’s continuing homeless crisis.

Last year Te Puea Marae in Mangere opened its doors to the homeless during the coldest months, highlighting public awareness of the crisis and forcing the government to act.

Chair Hurimoana Dennis says the crisis is not abating and his board is looking at options.

He says overcrowding, eviction and poverty are major factors in homelessness but so too are the way government agencies operate.

"You know bureaucracy and poor decision-making are the doers of this homeless situation. Building more houses is good but fixing all the social issues that come with these families remains a challenge," Mr Dennis says.

He’d like to see agencies like Housing New Zealand, WINZ, the successor to CYFS, and the courts extend their opening hours so they can deal with problems in a more effective way.


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